Don't be afraid to ask!

No matter what ceremony or service you need you will always have questions. I am happy to answer them and  if

I don't know the answer I know someone who does! Below I have put together some of the most frequently asked  questions.

When should I book a celebrant? 

It is always wise to book your celebrant as soon as you can, celebrants get booked up to a year in advance and some months are busier than others. I can also help with ideas and suggestion to ensure your day goes perfectly.

How much will it cost?

Like you no two weddings are the same and the same can be said of cost but so you have some idea on average my ceremonies start from $600.00.  Lets have a chat !

Will our Australian wedding be recognised worldwide?

By using a registered Civil Celebrant your wedding is recognised worldwide.

How many times do when meet with you?

Minimally we will meet twice unless you would like to have a rehearsal. I also encourage you to contact me by phone or email.

How  long will the ceremony last for?

A ceremony usually lasts for about 20 -30mins, that being said as each ceremony is tailor made to each couple they can be as short or as long as you would like. It is always a good idea to have a least one friend or family member read a poem or reading as this adds to the uniqueness of your day.

Are you prepared to travel for our wedding?

I am happy to travel to your wedding however a travel fee will apply depending on how far I need to travel to your wedding venue.

Can we write our own vows?

Without question , I always encourage couples to write their own vows, its your special day. I  am happy to help but if you would prefer to give me the gist of what you want to say I can draft the vows for you. There are some legal requirements as provided by the Australian Marriage Act and these have to be included within your ceremony for your marriage to be legally recognised.

Can we marry if we are under 18 years old?

Yes providing permissions have been granted by a judge or local magistrate, however this is fairly difficult to obtain .

Do we need witnesses?

Yes, you will need two witnesses, they must be over 18 years old but they don't have to be related to you.

Do you have a PA System?

Yes I do - it is extremely important everyone can hear the ceremony.

Do you have a CD player and will you arrange the music?

As your celebrant I have to ensure your ceremony is delivered within the parameters as prescribed by the law, it is also important that my focus is you as a couple on your day. For these reasons I suggest having a friend or a relative who can take charge of the music and equipment on the day. I am more than happy to help with music suggestions.

Should we have a Plan B for the day of the Ceremony?

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony it is always a good idea to have a Plan B, whether that is supplying umbrellas or arranging something additional with your wedding venue.

Can you perform same sex marriages?


We are having a themed wedding would you dress in accordance with our theme?

Ordinarily I wear professional business wear but I am happy to wear fancy dress (within reason), a particular colour or style. As a qualified Barrister I am also happy to wear wig and gown if you prefer.

For the legal requirements please go to the "A little Bit of Legal "page.