Dis-envowment Ceremonies

We will survive...

The ending of a relationship whether it is a break up or divorce is a traumatic time for a couple and also the children, family and friends that were part of the relationship and its breakdown. The parting is not recognised with any event other than divorce papers saying you are now divorced or in the case of a break up not even that.

A meaningful ceremony can make a difference to all those participating. You could choose to have a small intimate ceremony where the you can acknowledge all aspects of your relationship, good and bad, forgive each and recognise that the parting is not a sign of failure but a consequence of your changed circumstances.

On the other hand, you may want to celebrate your new single status without the other person being present. A light hearted fun filled ceremony with you, your family and friends may be more your style.

Whichever you decide acknowledging the ending of a relationship can help couple feel a sense of closure and assist in their transition into single life.



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