Time to get serious!

There are some legal requirements that must be complied with for your marriage to be recognised under the Australian Marriage Act -including legal documents, but don't be alarmed I am here to help you through the process

  • Notice of Intended Marriage: This has to be completed and witnessed by me as your celebrant or a Justice of the Peace, Medical Doctor, Barrister, Solicitor or member of the Australian Police Force. It must be received by me at least one month prior to your wedding date. Once this has been lodged it is valid for up to eighteen months from the date of receipt

  • Documents: I will need to have sight of an original birth certificate as well as a drivers licence, proof of age card or passport. If you have been married before I will also need to sight the original court issued divorce document or death certificate in the case of  the death of a previous spouse.

  • No Legal Impediment: You will need to sign a declaration that states that there is no legal reason why you cannot get married, but this is a little later in the process.

  • Foreign Language Documents: In the case of documents which are in a language other than English they will need to be translated by an accredited translator. Once your documents are translated I will need to sight both the original and the translated documents. Accredited translators can be found at www.naati.com.au

  • Statutory Declarations: If either party does not have an original birth certificate or passport  a statutory declaration is permissible providing it sets out the reasons why it is impracticable to obtain a birth certificate or an official extract and/or that you do not have a passport. It must also state where and when the party was born to the best of their knowledge. I can assist you with this should you require it.